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Articles about Kyiv and Kyiv region


Kiev - the capital of Ukraine and a unique European city!

    Every traveler, or an alien or a citizen of Ukraine, will not remain indifferent after visits to several tours of the hospitable city Kyiv. Everyone will be surprised by its best sides: the majestic temples, gardens with picturesque landscapes, architecture and sculpture in different styles, many legends and hospitable charm of local residents ...

Not everyone can guess about the real greatness, interesting history and diversity attractions all over the city of Kiev, until that time, when he is visit at least a couple of excursions.

There you can read interesting articles about different parts of the city of Kiev:

Each of these articles will help you to get into the spirit of the city.

There are many national places in neighborhood of Kyiv that is also a pleasant surprise for fans of original Ukrainian traditions and culture, such as:

You will take an unforgettable relaxation in sacred places near Kiev, such as:

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