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 «Of course, there are cities everywhere, every city is famous for something»…This song is so popular in Odessa; everyone knows it right from the school. However, we are too shy to continue the lyrics. And what is the thing that Odessa is not world-famous for. Dears, if you are experts in rest and aesthetic enjoyment at least a bit, don’t miss a chance to enjoy beauty of this amazing city.Odessa and Odessa region

In case somebody turns out to be in Odessa by chance, comes out on the platform of Odessa railway station or God forbid someone appears in Odessa concourse, he will just  shrug his shoulders in surprise and ask: “So?! Where is your Odessa?”  And he will immediately get an answer from a passing-by inhabitant of Odessa quoting great classic of literature A. de Saint-Exupery: “Not everything is so easy, sweetheart! The most important things can’t be seen with your eyes!” And he will be completely right, as you should not only see Odessa, you should breath, touch, hear and taste it.

Odessais a fabulous city having unique, fascinating and bright history. It is so peculiar, many-sided and always interesting for guests as well as its inhabitants. Odessa is neither an airport nor a railway station, and even not Deribasovskaya or Primorsky boulevard, speaking more precisely not only the abovementioned. Odessa is its locals who are extremely good-natured and curious, who will put all their business aside and organize an unforgettable tour around the city at the first request. The whole dessa breathes with air full of incredible funny Odessa’s stories, audacious humor, brilliant and witty phrases, anecdotes, brave press, ruffian songs. Be sure, a single sight from the platform is not enough. Only when you get to know at least the smallest part of its beauty, mysteries, history, you will realize, that it’s true that there are cities everywhere but such city as Odessa – “you will never find anywhere”.

Odessa and Odessa regionDo you want to know what exactly attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world in Odessa? It is not easy to answer this question as you can say so much! “The Pearl near the Sea”, “Southern Palmira”…dessa is a great cultural center of Ukraine, this is a modern European city having rich history and a number of secrets. dessa is a wonderful resort city, where a lot of holiday centers and resorts are located.

This city will easily surprise even the most captious and demanding tourist. History and Old times’ fans will get interested in numerous museums, famous architectural monuments, collections of great people. Even in the day-time, modern city center will be able to surprise fans of noisy city life with peculiar performances of offbeat Odessans. Here you can get unforgettable aesthetic enjoyment. We can’t avoid mentioning seaboard location of Odessa that provides this city with a number of picturesque sand beaches. Sunny Arcadia is always hospitable and ready to welcome new guests. Due to variety of cultural places, here everyone can have unforgettable rest. 

Odessa and Odessa regionYou can name sightseeing attractions of Odessa endlessly. These include well-known Deribasovskaya street, Potemkin stairs, Votontsovsky palace, Plane house, Mother-in-law Bridge, monument to the city founder Duke de Richelieu, legendary Moldavanka, Privoz, famous catacombs…. It is much easier to say that dessa is a tourist attraction itself.Almost each building in central part of Odessa is a monument of architecture. 

Fascinating guided tours around dessa will shed some light on historical and criminal past of this famous city, familiarize you with well-known Odessa catacombs, districts of Moldavanka, Peresyp, dessa Privoz, will tell you about such famous criminals as ishka Yaponchyk (Japanese), Son’ka “Golden Hand” and many others.

Some people say that “you can’t understand Odessa with your brain, you should just believe in Odessa!” However, the best variant is to visit this city and see everything with your own eyes.


We recommend everyone to dip oneself in this really amazing world of the unique city of Odessa that will leave nobody untouched and will give you unforgettable warm memories about visiting the Southern Palmira.

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